Whether you're brand new to watercolor or wanting to try something new, did you know I offer multiple classes that you can take online, right now? 

All of the classes below are taught on Skillshare. You can join and get 2 months free access to all of their classes here. 

Here's what I'm teaching: 

Watercolor Basics: Paint Your Own Patterned Note Cards

This is a nice and simple class that is perfect if you are brand new to watercolor, and want to get started in a non-intimidating way. I go over all of the basic supplies you'll need and how to use them.

Don't have any supplies? Download my free watercolor supplies guide (with links!) here.

Paint Expressive Florals: A 7 Day Painting Challenge

Ready to take your painting skills further? Have fun painting a series of loose and expressive watercolor florals. 

Paint Quirky Objects: A 7 Day Watercolor Challenge

Continue your painting streak by adding your own style to these fun everyday objects. 

How to Create Repeat Watercolor Patterns in Photoshop

Ready to take your paintings to the computer? In this class I'll show you how to digitally clean up your paintings, and share my exact method for creating repeating patterns in Adobe Photoshop. 

Create Handmade Repeat Patterns

In this fun class, we will make repeats by hand, clean them up on the computer, and then learn how to design and order wrapping paper!





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