Happy 2019! As a full-time business owner, sometimes it can be easy to forget what you've accomplished over the past year. Last year I did a fun recap of the main projects I worked on, so read on below for my recap of 2018. 

January 2018
In January, I finished designing our wedding invites, since our wedding was in March 2018! Photo below by Gabby Chapin Photography. 
• I also started learning out how to draw on the iPad with the app Procreate. It's been so much fun to have this tool to draw with on the go. 

Invites by Juliet Meeks Design / Wedding save the dates

February 2018
 In February I was a bit distracted as we were getting married in a month, but I found time to continue work on some projects like my astrology series. 

March 2018
• Michael and I got married! And then moved! What a beautiful month of celebration and change. Photo below by Gabby Chapin Photography. See more photos on Gabby's blog. 

Juliet Meeks Design wedding / Photo by Gabby Chapin

April 2018
• I created my first large scale watercolor painting that was then auctioned at Ogden Museum of Art. Then, I got my first large-scale painting commission after that auction! 
• I worked on lots of new designs for Lulujo Baby and a couple of other licensing clients

Juliet Meeks for Lulujo Baby

May 2018
• I started painting with acrylic paint more and took an amazing abstract painting workshop at the Ogden Museum. 
• I launched a new Skillshare class! Paint Quirky Objects: A 7 Day Painting Challenge.
• Sold my art at two pop-ups, one at Madewell and Art in the Park in Jasper, AL

Juliet Meeks Design

June 2018
• Defend New Orleans took some pictures in my studio space and shared an interview. Love the photos that Michael Tucker took. 
• Jenipher interviewed me for her Rainy Day Diaries podcast

Juliet Meeks by Michael Tucker

July 2018
• This month I designed my second fabric collection for Cloud9 Fabrics! "Lush" will start hitting stores in May 2019. 
• I launched custom Bouquet Portraits in my shop!
• New packaging collaboration launch with the Clean Beauty Box

Lush fabric by Juliet Meeks Design for Cloud9 Fabrics

August 2018
• August was a big month! I taught my first in person watercolor workshops in LAS VEGAS for the first annual Minted conference to 90 talented ladies attending the conference. I also had so much fun as an attendee myself and met some amazing fellow creatives!
• I got to meet the COO of Instagram, Marne Levine, in New Orleans at a meeting with fellow small business owners!
• Had my first Instagram Studio Sale - look out for a new sale in summer 2019. 
• Got the keys to my NEW STUDIO SPACE! It was a long fall season of some light renovations and getting all of my paperwork in order, but my studio will be open to the public in March 2019 with my first workshops. You can also schedule a visit to my studio here!
• Was accepted into, and joined, the Emily Jeffords Artist Mastermind! (I'll probably dedicate a whole blog post to this). 

Juliet Meeks at Camp Minted

September 2018
• Busy month of working on finalizing holiday products and continuing renovation on the studio! I also turned 29. 
• I also launched a new Skillshare class! Create Handmade Repeat Patterns: Plus, Turn your Art into Wrapping Paper

October 2018
• We went on our honeymoon to ITALY! 
• I got to meet the lovely Bonnie Christine in New Orleans along with a few other surface pattern design ladies :) 

Italy by Juliet Meeks

November 2018
• Launched new products for the holidays like a new tea towel design, my 2019 calendar, and hand-painted ornaments. You guys LOVED the ornaments and they sold out right away! Be on the lookout for a new batch this year. 
• Reached 15k followers on Instagram and had a giveaway to celebrate 

Ornaments by juliet meeks

December 2018
• Had an amazing season of holiday pop ups (my best year of sales yet!) and took off of work a little earlier this year than last, which was a huge win. 
• Julie Marriott shared an interview with me on her podcast, Make Share Grow

Juliet Meeks Design in New Orleans

Thoughts on 2018

2018 was a major year of personal growth for me. Michael and I got married, moved to a new apartment, and took our first trip abroad together. My new studio space in New Orleans, while incredibly exciting, hit a lot of major bumps logistically that honestly bummed me out for the latter part of the year. I had a hard time dealing with the uncertainty of it all, but I DO feel stronger and more prepared for an exciting year ahead. Long story short, if you're looking for a studio or retail space, make sure it's set up correctly with the city and state first so you can easily get your business license for the location! Ha. 

Hopes for 2019

The great news is, the logistics of setting up my new studio space are done and behind me - I'm ready to start celebrating and enjoying the fruits of months of hard work getting it ready! And I have so many helpful people in my life who have supported me along the way. My first watercolor workshops in March are sold out, and I plan to have a workshop about every other month. I'm also working on my first large-scale painting collection (in acrylic!) to be released in late March as well! My business is taking a big shift to focus more on my original painting releases, and less on one-on-one client work. I want to spend as much time as possible painting and creating things for you to enjoy and have in your home. Thank you so much for following along with me on this journey!

Current Collection Schedule Release for the year! To get notified, sign up for my newsletter here. 
March 2019 - Large Scale Florals Collection
May 2019 - Mother's Day Collection 
June/July 2019 - Instagram Studio Sale 
August 2019 - Painting + New Print Collection Release
November - Ornament Collection Release
December - Painting Collection Release


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